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The only thing more terrible than death is … life!

The only thing more terrible than death is … life!

Author:   Admin

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 20.07.2012


Alas, our life is full of fears and dangers. But any human been is protected by the instinct for self-preservation, by common sense and by desire to be happy. Once he or she finds themselves in difficult circumstances, a health and sane person will do anything to survive and to become successful.

Drug addiction is a terrible illness. It turns whole life of a man upside down. No values, no ambitions, no self-esteem… All life revolves around the search of a dope. Such life, no – such existence - sometimes is worse than death. Drugs users are not afraid of death, they have chosen this way consciously, its final is destined and inevitable. Only few people who managed to quit this path and turn to the way of cure, who could give up using drugs, are able to tell us who close they had been to the brink of death.

The most terrible story of a drug user’s life is his very life, the life after the moment when the needle of a syringe with drugs entered his artery for the first time, after the time when he endured his first withdrawal. The public service announcement you can see below strikes with its actuality, it enables us to enter the realities of drug using leading to death.


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