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Organizer: World League "Mind Free of Drugs" is a social anti-drug organization. The initiator and the founder of the League is Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliyev, a world famous psychiatrist and drug therapist. The mission of the World League's program activities of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" is to catalyze the chain reaction causing social rejection of drug addiction as of a lifestyle. The global result of antidrug movement is the formation of social matrix of conscious psychological immunity to drugs in the community. The Honorable Members of the World League "Mind Free of drugs" are: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ex-Governor of California, USA), His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, Koichiro Matsuura (UNESCO Director-General), His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV, and many others public and political figures, sports and show business stars.

As a part of its 50–years long-term antidrug program under the "No hard drugs!” slogan, on February 2-nd of 2012 the World League "Mind Free of Drug" gives a good start to the second phase of the Transnational online project "Maya" dedicated to the  100ths anniversary of foundation of the international drug control (Convention 1912, The Hague). It was initiated with the blessings of the leaders of four major religious confessions of the world (Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist), and with the support of the Federal Service for Drug Control (FDCS), a Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan, the Boxing multiple world champion Kostya Tszyu and other honorary members of the League.

Mission: To form a social matrix of conscious psychological immunity to drugs in the society.

Objective: Prevention of global drug addiction epidemic.

Tasks: Give the mankind an opportunity to see the harsh reality of backstage life of people who use drugs, to hear the truth about drugs from drug addicts and their families. At the global level, "destroy" inviting myths about the drug Universe.

Within the "Maya" program experts in drug treatment, criminology, sociology, psychology, political science, history and philosophy will use the global Internet network for 12 months engage in a non-stop open dialogue with drug addicts all over the world and those who care about their fate.

The project envisages the participation of the most famous people in the world, politicians, businessmen, spiritual leaders and stars of show business, sports and arts. We hope that the competition with the active support of leading information and entertainment Internet portals and mass media of Russia, CIS, U.S., European and Asian countries, Australia, and Africa will involve more than 700 million people from around the globe into the sphere of prophylactic effect .

Conditions of Contest:

The Organizing Committee of the "Maya" project will receive works based on real events on its official e-mail address: in 4 categories: videos, photography, drawing and confessional story. The contest accepts anti-drug works that reflect the vision and understanding the seriousness of the problem by the participants. Any person who has reached the age of 10 years and who is not indifferent to the problem of drug addiction can participate in the contest. You can also submitt your work yourself  by registering at  and uploading your video/photo/story from your account.

Technical requirements for entries:

For video: video format FLV, AVI, MPEG.
For photographs and drawings: the files in JPEG format.
For text works: story of no more than ten A4 pages printed in 12-m font size.

The contest works authors will be presented to money awards and prizes valued in accordance with the nominations.

 Transnational Anti-Drug Online Contest "Maya"

History and achievements of the contest:

The first stage of the contest was presented by the organizers on November 3-rd of 2011, and during 6 months it was aimed at the Russian-speaking part of the world.


During the six months Transnational anti-drug Internet contest "Maya", using the complete spectrum of possibilities of Internet, received public attention and massive international support. During the time of the first phase of the contest for Russian-speaking community more than 100 thousand people from 97 countries have joined this unique international anti-drug movement. Participants, competing in each of the 4 nominations, have sent a total of 1,000 creative works to the jury of the contest.

The first phase of the Internet Contest "Maya" was supported by the spiritual leaders of all major religious confessions of the world, politicians, public figures, celebrities and business experts in drug treatment. Among them, the Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Buddhists), Lazar (Head Rabbi of Russia), Talgat Tajuddin (the Supreme Mufti of Russia), Alexander Rosenbaum (Folk Artist of Russia), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Deputy Chairman of State Duma), Kostya Tszyu (multiple world boxing champion), Valentina Shevchenko (10-times champion World Thai boxing) and many others.

Organizations of different levels were the partners of the first stage of the "Maya" contest: educational, commercial, governmental, charity, etc. Among them were: Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, The Public Chamber of Russian Federation, the Russian Olympic Committee, International Charitable Foundation "Children of the World", printed and Internet media in Canada, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Finland and other countries - more than 300 organizations in total.

But we do not intend to stop on what we already achieved. Today, before the second stage of  "Maya" online contest and through the proper channels, the organizing committee will arrange a massive work of sending information packs to the presidents of 120 countries, 150 famous people worldwide in the field of arts, sports, show business, 100 Nobel laureates and world-renowned public figures. The purpose of mailing is to inform the brightest people of our timeas as clearly and completely as possible about the ideas of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs", invite them to join the honorary members list, thereby exerting significant moral support for not only to the "Maya" contest, but also to support our long-term International organization project.

The second phase of the Transnational Anti-Drug Internet contest "Maya" will be finished on June 26, 2013.

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