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As you may have guessed, my name is Linda. I live in Novosibirsk. Once upon a time, like many other girls, I tried to become a model. Although what kind of model business can we talk about in this hole called "the city of Novosibirsk"! Many people will tell me that this is a big, developed city ... But I fundamentally disagree that any Russian city in general can be called a high-grade area to live for a normal person. Why it is so, you will fund out from my life story...

Since childhood I loved to dance and hang out in clubs. Glamorous minimal clothing, sweet cocktails, lusting sights, parties, endless dating and constant communication ... Girls, who did not dream about it? It seems like the universe withdrew and that you are the center around which all the best that life can only give revolves ... All of these are just costs of being young, stupid and naive at the same time. If someone had told me that one day my dream will be giving up drugs, I would have never believed it.

Everything changed when Sergei appeared in my life. Such a person sooner or later appears in the lives of many people like me. He broke into my space like bright fireworks, yes, that's right .... He always had enticing pills. So what, it was just ecstasy ... This is fun! We must fly, fly where it is better than here, where there is no mom, no dad, no little sister, no school teachers, no responsibilities, and no uncertain future. We must live and have fun ... And I called it life …

And one moment has overturned my whole understanding of the world completely. These are the most terrible memories, but I do not want to go into the lyrics. I became a futile cynic, and I like it. But before I was a romantic person, and perhaps that's why I idolized Sergei.

He showed me "the true life." It makes no sense to smear snot on the page. Then came nose candy, as a result, the "reality" was not enough for me, and life without dope became tense. Then heroin appeared. All of my existence has been reduced to drug use ... First, for free, then Sergei has disappeared, and I had to pay. I have paid a lot, not with money, I just had no money...

Why am I writing all this? In order to say to all those who read me: I got out, but many remained there. I'm alive but I'm not the same, I'm a former drug addict, and I still have something to say.

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