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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

American model and actress, Oscar winner

Dear friends!

First of all, as a social activist, I want to draw your attention to the problem. Perhaps my speech will be ignored by some people, but I do believe that many still will understand that even tiny step forward can change a life.

Many times in my interviews I have mentioned that my mother was responsible for my recovery. She was always interested in what was happening in my life and was in control of all of its aspects. Yet she always remained my best friend, my “protege”. Whatever was important for my personal development was not even discussed – if I wanted something, this was undoubtedly necessary. Ant yet she was very strict. I am, therefore, grateful for the fact that throughout my life I had a person, who would definitely support me if I lose my balance. Many, however, live without such support.

Today is an International Day against Drug Abuse and I wish all of us open our eyes and see the whole scope and the depth of the drug use problem. I have heard many times the stories about young people, who fall under control of their friends, and trying to gain authority or proving they are no worse than others, they make their first taste of drugs. This is often the life scenario of most drug addicts, who have been introduced to drugs in the very young age. I would like to call for a better attention to our own and other children, be more present and tolerant towards each other.

Right now my son is very small and the only threat I need to protect him from is an external threat. But sooner or later, he will start making contacts with his peers. As a mother, I consider it especially crucial that all children, be that the neighbor boys or my son's close friends, despite their race, skin color or religion, understand the very danger of drug use. It is of course easy to blame a school or parents for lack of attention to such danger, but I am deeply convinced that in the age of globalization, there is no way to treat the drug problem locally. Drug addiction is a tragedy for millions of people.

It is a common belief that somebody else's sins and wounds, problems, remain so – of somebody else. We sympathize, say we are sorry and understand, but very rarely extend a hand of support. One day the harm comes into our house too and we realize that it had been there for a long time. Receiving similar sympathized looks, we start recalling those who did not get our real support. This is when we understand that we have been left with our problems on our own. I am sure that by showing real support to every single child, we care for the future of the mankind.

I have no doubt that today most of us expect understanding and support. Extending help to someone drowning, one can be sure that he will be certainly assisted as well.


  • Viktor, Ukraine, Poltava

    28.06.12, 11:25

    This authority, in the company, is imaginary, and actually this is not an authority at all. I am 42 years old, at the age of 16 many of my friends have become addicted to drugs, I don't know why they have chosen this path, may be because of idleness or boredom. The Soviet Union was falling apart at that time, it was not stable. I went into the army, and many who didn't became drug addicts. Yes, I was in the companies where they were injecting drugs, I have seen it all. But I didn't think of the merit of any authority, neither others thought anything bad about me. Perhaps I was an authority more than they were. The authority is not the reason, it is not the motivator ... But there are a lot of dependencies, later on I got into alcohol addiction. Thank God I recovered, although there are no former alcoholics and drug addicts. Alas ... You just have to decide for yourself whether you want to live or die.

  • Alexander, Russia, Saratov

    27.06.12, 13:11

    You can not deny maternal. You can not hide from it under the "I do not want kids" guise. Every woman, somewhere deep inside wants a baby. But there is always a reason why it is not happening. And that is where "child-free" ideas so popular today come from. I don't beleive in them. Charlize did a right thing- what she did requires a lot of strength and will.

    do not spryachesh.kazhdaya deep down wants a baby, but there are reasons why not poluchetsya.vot here and all sorts of newfangled child free, I do not believe in them. Theron fellow, strong action.

  • Inna, Russia, Moscow

    27.06.12, 13:08

    There is an actor Ray Liotta (his brain was eaten in the movie "Silence of the Lambs 2" :). His parents are simple people who adopted him. Now he helps them and loves them. Another example - Faye Dunaway and Woody Allen, their adopted asian daughter deaw away Woody from his family. There are of course many problems with your own children, but the most offensive thing is, when you take someone else's child, you give him everything, and in return he'll do something nasty. Your own flesh and blood is your own. There for, I am in favor of our own and other children, just like Demi Moore or Jolie.

  • Anonimka, Russia, Saratov

    27.06.12, 12:09

    With their millions they should adopt five children, if they really want to help poor kids, just like Jolie, for example, she wasn't afraid of doing so - good job!

  • Victoria, Russiam Volgograd

    27.06.12, 12:06

    The child was born under the lucky star... I wish a lot of happiness for her and her baby. The question of child adoption is very complicated, it's like a lottery - you'll win or lose.

  • Valeria, Russia, Moscow

    27.06.12, 12:03

    I'm talking about the same thing, I meant Charlize's father..

  • Angela, Russia, Volgograd

    27.06.12, 11:39

    Who is asking to give birth from an alcoholic man, who beats his wife? I think we are talking about something different here.

  • Valeria, Russia, Moscow

    27.06.12, 11:36

    You need to give birth to 10 children with your genes, usually they addopt unfortunate kids and what will happen to them when they will grow up is unknown.

    Listen, people! You are crazy with these genes issues! What makes you think that her baby will be just like her: smart and beautiful. But not like her dad an alcoholic man, who beats his wife. Very close relationship. The man is formed not only in the process of conception, but also in the process of growth... And the most important is education, and love he receives from his family. Adopted a child - good job! Maybe at least one kid will be happy in this world.

  • Margarita, Russia, Saratov

    27.06.12, 09:13

    She is amazing, very beautiful, but unfortunately she gave up the last few years. It seems to be a depression. Have you seen the movie called "Poor rich girl"? This role was just perfect for her.

  • Alla, Russia, Novorossiysk

    27.06.12, 09:10

    Everybody adopt a child and then press writes about this. Press should cover more such positive stories. This will be a good example to follow for other people.

  • Elena, Russia, Novorossiysk

    27.06.12, 09:08

    Health and happiness to her and the baby! Well done! She just adopted a child, without advertising it!

  • Sydney, Great Britain, Oxford

    27.06.12, 03:18

    At least one person actually adopted a child.

  • Sydney, Great Britain, Oxford

    27.06.12, 03:07

    Ella, Spain, Almeria today, 02:59

    You need to give birth to 10 children with your genes, usually they addopt unfortunate kids and what will happen to them when they will grow up is unknown.

    You are so heartless, and (im sorry) uneducated. Scientists still haven't decided what is better for child's education: hereditary traits or society. Besides, do you really think that mothers who raise a child actually know what would their kid become?

  • Ella, Spain, Almeria

    27.06.12, 02:59

    You need to give birth to 10 children with your genes, usually they addopt unfortunate kids and what will happen to them when they will grow up is unknown.

  • Jessica, Denmark, Copenhagen

    27.06.12, 02:47

    If she would be a drug addict, then it would be mentioned in mass media.

  • Chloe, Austria, Salzburg

    27.06.12, 02:37

    But why didn't she gave birth at the proper time ... and it is still not too late ... or she is a drug addict?

  • Jessica, Denmark, Copenhagen

    27.06.12, 02:20

    In general she is beautiful with a very kind heart and very recently she adopted a baby. WELL DONE!

  • Isabella, USA, Idaho

    27.06.12, 02:10

    Sarah, Andorra, Grandvalira today, 06:35

    As for me, she looks just ideal! Incredibly perfect features!)

    Beautiful and happy person will find beauty in EVERYTHING. (Especially it is hard to find someone as beautiful as Charlize)

    On the contrary, it is hard to please mad and unhappy dog. This is life.

  • Galina, Russia, Moscow

    27.06.12, 02:08

    I wholeheartedly wish her to find a real happiness, she really deserves it.

    By the way, I'm curious to see the face of 36 years old Charlize and 29 years old Granovskaya - Charlize at her 36, looks like she is 25-27, and we read every year that Granovskaya is 29 but she looks 39 years old. How is it possible?

  • Isabella, USA, Idaho

    27.06.12, 02:05

    What a beautiful and intelligent woman - you can´t take your eyes of her, and yet she has a very tragic history.

  • Ashley, Great Britain, London

    27.06.12, 02:03

    Marble-hearted - maybe, but why not charismatic? She really stands out from a hundred other blondes of Hollywood. Considering the fact that she doesn't promote herself at every possible opportunity. They do not forget to always write about her and interview her, and it is so easy to get lost in this business.

  • Emma, Russia, Moscow

    27.06.12, 01:45

    I look at her and I think that she is lovely, but cold and not charismatic at all.

  • Sarah, Andorra, Grandvalira

    27.06.12, 01:35

    As for me, she looks just ideal! Incredibly perfect features!)

  • Galina , Russia, Moscow

    26.06.12, 15:51

    Knowingly speak, that beautiful women are often alone

  • Aprelka, Russia, Moscow

    26.06.12, 15:49

    Charlize is not just beautiful, she is also smart. She has a very extraordinary character. Not every man can be with her.

  • Luisa, Russia, Moscow

    26.06.12, 15:38

    This is the standard of beauty from 60th-70th! So much charm and charisma in her eyes! It is a pity that such a young and capable woman prefered artificial labor! And in nine years with Stewart did not understand that he is not the "ideal" man for her! Really strange! Other then that, I like it!

  • Afanasiy, Russia, Volgograd

    26.06.12, 14:54

    I would have married this woman! I think that I might have all chances;) An interesting actress, saw her in the movie "Aeon Flux" and got hooked.

  • damapik, Russia, Moscow

    26.06.12, 14:03

    For me she is an ideal!

  • Alina , Russia, Saratov

    26.06.12, 13:54

    Sometimes people need to read such appeals and then move on and never, no matter what happens!

  • Christine, Russia, St. Petersburg

    26.06.12, 13:47

    Women of strong will! Clever, beautiful -fighter!

  • Nicky, USA, Idaho

    26.06.12, 12:47

    That's right, one must be attentive to children.

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