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Samuel Maret

Samuel Maret

Samuel Maret

The economist, social activist, France



  • What should be in the Internet age and growth of online communities informational methods to combat drug addiction? What do you think, what means will be most effective today, and how the state should behave in order to successfully affect the suffering of drug addiction and to conduct prevention among healthy population?

    It is necessary for parents to have all the possible ways to better understand their children. They should know how and in which ways they can help and what to do in any given situation. But usually parents find themselves illiterate in these matters. It is also important to find ways to educate children and make them understand of what will happen to them if they ever try this or that drug. Information that can be taken from the Internet must be in the form of games and should be interesting for everyone. The Internet should enable the drug addicted people to speak up (since suggestions that are given by drug addicts are more interesting than the suggestions given by the specialists or parents, who never took drugs). But it is impossible to combine all existing drugs. Today, the greatest evils are alcohol and tobacco, and the rest is no more than statistics. It is also necessary to inform the public about the allowed drugs. I also believe that the issue of drugs should not be prohibited. The Internet must show the reality of things. The film, which I would show young people is called "Trainspoting", it is an English film, which shows very clearly the status of getting "high" when you are under the influence of heroin, as well as under the influence of all the problems of the society, that any has to obey.

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