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Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Professor of Theology and Religious Thought at the University of South Carolina, USA



  • What should be in the Internet age and growth of online communities informational methods to combat drug addiction? What do you think, what means will be most effective today, and how the state should behave in order to successfully affect the suffering of drug addiction and to conduct prevention among healthy population?

    Drug addiction is a complex problem. It shows itself in the spiritual, moral, medical, public and social spheres. I would like to focus on the spiritual world. Almost all religious confessions consider drug addiction as a serious sin, sickness of body and soul, leading to the death of the soul. It often happens that drug addicts lose their personal freedom which is a gift of God and make attempts to commit suicide… However, if the person wants to be cured, he can always find support and reliance in any religion which is most appropriate for him. I remember thousands of historical examples when belief in God has helped people to reveal their inner strength. Spirituality is a powerful tool that makes people highly moral and responsible. It cannot be written off.


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