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Sixteen Twenty one

Sixteen Twenty one

Автор:   Acid House

Страна:   Россия

Дата добавления: 18.01.2012

And we were walking, singing, going by our path.
We were opening the doors, though the entrance was forbidden – WE WERE GOING TO THE FIRE!!!
Alice “The Creep”

It was very “tough” time. We were riding along on the three hundred tones railway consist, rushing along with the roaring of heavy guitars and volleys of all drum cannons. It was a feeling that the choice is already made, the choice of crazy life, which will burn more brightly and powerfully every day and will never end. Nobody hasn’t even been thinking that he can burn alive …


Sitting on the concrete stair-steps of “Vector”, I was smoking and watching a dog, which was scrabbling in the pile of rotten vegetables and other garbage of various types. It was a kind of mangy cur with disgusting wound on the side. This cur, together with this pile of wastes was perfectly fitting into our space: scuffed walls of brick houses around, the windows in the ground floors of which are batten and immured with concrete. The songs from the “Disco Dancer” were sounding from somewhere above mixed with the fouls, screams of some prostitute, who was probably beaten, judging by the second voice, by the “professional alky” Lemar. Taking into account, how he was drinking, it was very interesting, where Lemar takes moral forces for whores. Anyway, he was very mysterious person …

 - Why do you resist, bitch?! (glass whing).

 - Are you nuts? I did not sign for AIDS positive!.. (Whing, whing, whing, glass, glass, glass. Bump. It seems to be she has spit out her teeth.)

Something similar was occurring in the Lemar’s apartment almost every day. When it was silent there, it was ill at ease. Hearing to Indian songs I did not even notice, how Drus appeared near me.

 - Hey? Are you meditating? Hi!

 - O! Hi, how is it going? I was just listening. Do you hear? Lemar is giving a concert with orchestra again.

 - Come on, let’s go. Everyone is waiting there, Most phoned me recently.

 - Ok, let’s go...

 Going towards narrow passage between the houses, I looked at the dog again.


Everything was pretty prepared for our arrival. This was proven by fifteen empty bottles from “Russkaya Demidrolovaya”, which, though, were accurately put in the corner of entrance. Slayer was playing for the whole hog, and this meant, that the number of full bottles of “Demidrol” was not less than thirty.

 - So what? – Most appeared from the hall. – How long can we wait?

 - Everything is fine. Now.

Most. This person was not less mysterious than Lemar. He was twenty years old, but he looked to all thirty-three, plus all these his propagations, beard, moustache and long hair reaching his shoulders... Many people believed him, and me and Drus believed as well.

 Through compact curtain of smoke we entered to the hall. The picture was dishy: two tens of persons packed into leather were sitting on the dirty mattresses around big reversed wooden box, on which were standing bottles with available vodka, cans filled with stubs, broken glasses, magazines Hammer and a pile of other usual stuff. Everything around was filled with sounds of heavy metal.

When me and Drus finished the third bottle, I remembered, that yesterday in the concert, Most told about some new levels, to which me and Drus should pass. Having remembered this I started shouting to Most’s ear:

 - Most! What did you tell us yesterday about the new levels?

 - What kind of levels?

 - Well, yesterday, in “Vector”, after the concert… You promised us to show it today.

 - Heh… You are telling about this… Well, let’s go!

I’ve hit Drus in the side with elbow, and we, jointly with guru Most went to the neighbouring room, lighted with dull red lamp. In the center of the room there was standing low metal table and backless stool. After closing the door, Most went to the far wall, where a cabinet with dirty broken mirror was hanging. He opened the door and took out a small rug roll. After coming to the table and unfolding the material, Most started to put to the table syringes, straps  and spoons.

We were just sixteen years old...


After one and half month,  laying in the hospital room, I’ve learned what happened to Drus and Most. Most, in whom we believed so much, as it turned out, went away in the same evening, when we have got on high. He was found three days later at the other end of the city in the cesspit, someone has put a knife into his liver and raped, when he was dead already. Drus... Drus has knocked his teeth out by the edge of that iron table in the room with red lamp, swallowed them and jugulated himself with a strap. If the neighbours did not call for police because of loud music… In general, the ambulance have came than and I was brought away...

 Now I’m twenty-one. I will never be able to walk any more. Five years ago we buried Andrey – Drus, my friend, with whom we were growing up, played in one band, listened to the music, studied in one school...

His mom sometimes phoning to me, and asks, whether I’ve seen Andrusha today.

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