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Devil is to blame

Author:   Admin

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 26.07.2012


Texas police arrested a woman who killed her own baby with extreme atrocity, using a truly devious method, and then tried to commit suicide.

The tragedy took place early in the morning. The woman was in drug euphoria. She insisted that devil came to her and possessed her body and soul making her to kill her child. Following his order, the woman took a knife, cut off the baby’s head and ate a part of his brain.

Her neighbours always were very watchful of her. So, when they heard the child’s terrible screams, they rushed to call up the police. The police officers who came to the scene were shocked at the crime.

The drug addict woman was arrested. She is charged of intentional homicide under aggravating circumstances. A prescribed punishment for such a murder is death penalty. At present the suspect is in hospital. She is admitted to bail of $1 million.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only incident of such type. A bit earlier, a drug user of 43 from Louisiana being in a fit of rage sank his teeth into his victim’s face trying to bite off a piece of his flesh.

Experts say that cannibalism can be caused by the use of legal drug, one of “bath salts” stimulants, known as “Cloud Nine”. Its effects are similar to the ones of ecstasy. However, the drug is legally sold in ordinary home and auto supply stores like common household bath salts and in drug paraphernalia stores. 

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