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Scary trip

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Date of addition: 14.06.2012


 What is your worst nightmare? Mine, for example, from my childhood, is to be eaten alive by wild animals or something worse - the people. But after this story, I'm afraid to be in the place of its main character. Let's call him, for example, Sergei.

So, that Sergei lived with me in the same city. He lived pretty fine. He had a car, house, parents with good income and a beautiful girlfriend who admired the young and promising designer. And the guy had only one passion, with which everything else just faded - traveling. By the time he turned 20, he traveled the entire area on the car presented by his parents. But the graduate student had no opportunity to travel beyond the local region. However, it was just for a while! Sergei always had obstinacy!

The guy had very ambitious plans. He had even calculated that if things go well, then he will be able to take orders remotely from anywhere in the world to work, as long as he had the computer and the Internet. He had only to find money for the road trip. Thus, every month he used to ask his parents and he didn't spent much money either. He didn't have many friends, and he didn't seem to care about it. That is why, all of his friends and relatives thought: "He is such a geek. Looks like all day he plays the computer games.

But it turned out that almost every day Sergei traveled. Only he "flew" without leaving his house. And the "fight" was so harsh, that it couldn't be compared to online games, as he struggled with himself. The name of these travels and wingdings - PCP (Phencyclidine), a synthetic drug for intravenous anesthesia - hallucinogen banned in the late 70th. This drug made crazy more than one thousand people. But only Sergei didn't pay any attention to it. PCP carried him away so far, that any nomad would envy. Sometimes he ran on the tracks to meet the train, and sometimes he jumped in the depths of the Grand Canyon.

One day Sergei's aunt called him and asked if he could look after the twins (his sisters) for a couple of hours, a terrible force majeure. It would be awkward to refuse, since she didn't ask him to baby-sit that often, but he also wanted to get back to his "traveling" as soon as possible. Well, we will figure it out, thought the guy and came for his sisters after the university. They went to the movie and took a walk in the park. "Where is your mother?" - the young uncle nervously wailed every 10 minutes. "Let's go play some computer games!" - said one of the girls - "You have a powerful computer at your house!" First, Sergei was categorical and said "no", but after a minute he came up with something in mind, and gathering the girls, he pulled to the car: "The team – eveyrone on the board! Let's go fight against iniquity!"

As soon as little relatives got to his house, they immediately ran to turn on the game, and Sergei quickly went to the bathroom, where he kept the last stocks of "miraculous substance." "I'll be back soon!" - he said closing the door.

And so the battle is in full swing. Uncle, as the most experienced, breaks forth into the jungle planet Nabus, where they have to fight for the crystal that emits eternal energy from the captivity of small, but very evil aliens. Making his way through the thicket of poisonous plants and scattered around the traps, the commander still made it to the promised shelter. But no such luck! The leader of the local aliens survived, and a fierce battle of the final mission was ahead. Our gamer was first to stabb with an army knife the enemy, when suddenly the screen became cloudy and the "level of the remaining lives" became a little lower. This was the last "general" saving the life of the alien leader. But Sergei was not born yesterday, a couple of combinations - and both are defeated. "The mission passed!" - proclaimed a voice from the computer.

Inspired by the victory, Sergei wanted to cuddle with his nieces, celebrating it. But, he suddenly realized that there was no game, and the computer was not turned on. The blood all around and only two small bodies without breath lie in the center of the room ...

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