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Chen Xiwen

Chen Xiwen

Chen Xiwen

Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, China

Chen Xiwen, Han nationality, is a native of Danyang, Jiangsu Province. He was born in 1950 and graduated from junior high school in Shanghai in 1966. Following the Cultural Revolution, Chen studied in the Agricultural Economics Department at Renmin University of China.

Following his education studies, Chen joined the institute of agricultural economics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1982. He served concurrently as deputy director of the State Rural Study and Survey Group. Chen was later deputy director of the State Rural Study and Survey Center of the State Council and then served as the center's director.

In 1994, Chen joined the general office of the central financial and economic leadership group at the State Council. He assumed deputy director responsibilities of the development research center of the State Council in 2000.

"I support World League in its fight against drug addiction and I hope that you will achieve success in achieveing your goals".

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