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Help foundation against drug addiction (FAD), Spain

Help foundation against drug addiction (FAD), Spain

Help foundation against drug addiction (FAD), Spain

Help Foundation Against Drug Addiction is a private, non-lucrative, unconfessional and independent from all political relations institution of a benefic-asisting character. FAD was awarded with a 2-nd cathegory consultive status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. FAD, whose honorary president is Her Majesty The Queen, has the main goal of drug consumption prevention and its consequences.

FAD was created in 1986 with the support of companies, institutions and professionals, developing its collaboration activities with other organization of the civil society, who understand that the drug problems require a solidary answer that primarily has to be planted from the preventive point of view.

During its history, FAD has tried to integrate the contribution of experts of different specialities in order to maintain an innovative line in its strategies and programs, and to be able to constitute itself as a reference and stimulator of other proposals.

One of the FAD's differentiative traits is its bet to prevent the drug risks through educational strategies, and it therefore acts in  very distinguishable way in the formal and informal educational environment.

FAD promotes preventive education on all levels - school, family and community, searching specific goals related to the drug consumption and keeping in mind other psychosocial risk behaviours. Moreover, FAD keeps investigations on the causes and consecuences of drug consumption, formation proposals of professionals and mediators, using new technologies more than anything, and sensibilization campaigns and social mobilizations.

At the moment, FAD has a priviledged place as a leading and reference intervention organization  in the sector in Spain and Latin America, where it has shared its experience and its intervention model with fourteen countries.


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