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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Karelin

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Karelin

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Karelin

State Duma deputy, champion of Roman wrestling

1. I beleive that  statistical calculations or description of the medical consequences of drug use can not stop people from the temptation to try drugs themselves. Consequence of even short term drug use should be described in more details,  "romanticization" or "glorification" of drug use should be excluded from television.

And, of course, a reasonable choice of the "synthetic happiness", ie drugs, OR  interesting, leisure-time activities - sport, culture, hobbies  should be provided-.
The state takes care of the possible leisure activities, but it also  should more aggressively offer a choice in favor of a healthy and proper lifestyle and values
through the media.

2. The role of the family - is primary. Starting from the personal example given by senior family members, and clear life values. 

3. Only through stories of people who used drugs but decided to return to the normal life, through their "direct speeches" can  other people be convinced that using drugs is not the best choice.
The main thing to remember  is to think of others: it is easy to make a wrong choise. It is much harder to stop using drugs.
It is inextricably  difficulat to change the attitudes to  those who came back from the abyss - but it must be done.

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