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Jyoshinmon Karate Federation

Jyoshinmon  Karate Federation

Jyoshinmon Karate Federation

Jyoshinmon Karate Federation, Japan

Jyoshinmon  is one of the areas in Japanese karate. Officially Jyoshinmon style was registered in Japan in 1969. Its founder is a well-known Japanese martial arts master Hoshu Ikeda, currently 9th Dan of Japanese Karate-do, and owner of  the "soshihan" ("Supreme Master") title.

Jyoshinmon  Karate Federation in Japan commented on “Maya” project.
"In Japan, drugs have become a source of income for  yakuza. Today, those who take drugs, supports the yakuza underworld, which disrupts the social order. We think we have to eradicate drugs. Also the philosophy of karate is directed to respect  basic social norms . We wish you success in your work, and hope that your work and effort will effect societies around the world. "

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