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Kristen Pfaff

Kristen Pfaff

1967 – 1994

Kristen Marie Pfaff (May 26, 1967 – June 16, 1994)

was an American bass guitarist, best known for her work with Hole.
Around 9:30am on June 16, 1994, Pfaff was found dead in her apartment by Paul Erickson (who later returned to Buffalo to work at Nichols School), a friend with whom she had planned to leave for Minneapolis that day. On the floor there was a bag containing syringes and drug paraphernalia. Pfaff's death was attributed to "acute opiate intoxication," and ruled accidental.
Her father, Norman Pfaff, described her as “bright, personable, wonderful...very, very talented, smart, and she always seemed to be in control of her circumstances. Last night she wasn't.”
Kristen Pfaff was buried in Section 6, Lot 45 of Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York.

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