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Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard

Prime minister of Australia

I am glad that there are more and more people, who truly care about the problem of drug addiction, not for the sake of popularity or enrichment, but for our bright future. They are ready to do everything possible to eradicate drug abuse.

Australia has conducted a number of programs aimed at combating drug abuse, preventing and raising public awareness about the deadly dangers of drug usage. One of them is - the National Drug Campaign Australia (NDC), aimed to reduse the motivation of young Australians to use illegal drugs and to provide them with extensive knowledge about the potential negative consequences of it.

The Australian Government and I personally are very concerned about the pace of expansion of drug addiction among young people around the world. Response to the attacks of drug traffickers must be symmetrical, because only a single global army of fighters against drug addiction can win them. I call on all the people on our planet, who want to see the smiles of their children and grandchildren, to join the anti-drug front.



  • Viktor, Ukraine, Poltava

    28.06.12, 11:33

    Australia is a unique country in historical terms, from the colony for the convicts it turned into a prosperous country, largely due to these convicts. And yet these people are with deseases, convicts, and obviously not saints. Perhaps this example, is an example of rehabilitation and renovation of personality, and perhaps we can use this experience now, make a world center - such as a settlement or something like that? And this was my question. I think this is a very useful experience in the history of your country and it should be used.

  • Lilia, Russia, Ekaterinburg

    27.06.12, 13:37

    Do you have high-ranking officials who are drug addicts in your country, who don´t follow any rules and laws and are not afraid of the punishment?

  • Antonio, Spain

    27.06.12, 13:30

    What is the situation with drug addicts in Australia? I've heard that are only a few of them there? Is this true? How exactly did you accomplish this?

  • Anastasia Doronina, Russia, Novosibirsk

    27.06.12, 12:39

    What is the point of fighting against drugs if some people choose this path???

  • Catherina Milaya, Kazakhstan, Almaty

    27.06.12, 12:33

    First of all! Never say never! If not you then your close ones might be among them!

    Second of all! Do not abstain anything ever!

  • Pavel Dondkyi, Ukraine, Alexandrovsk

    27.06.12, 12:32

    There are some people who did the mistake and now they want to fix it.

  • Kostya Minin, Ukraine, Harkov

    27.06.12, 12:30

    You have just identified freaks as ill people and now dandling them...

  • Ozzie , Denmark, Copenhagen

    27.06.12, 12:22

    The solution to the problem - lies only in the personal awareness of a patient.

  • Jacob, Israel

    27.06.12, 11:55

    There is no point in fighting when the drug grows out of the ground naturally.

  • Nikolai Andreyev, Russia, Izhevsk

    27.06.12, 11:04

    You must provide some useful opportunities for children. It is a failure of the Russian government that young people are not in demand in their own country. Why would the government needs youth if it has the power?!

    The state has to build good schools, interest groups, sports.. All these things must be cheap and accessible to young people. And the problem of drug addiction and alcoholism will immediately disappear.

  • Jeremy , London, UK

    27.06.12, 10:56

    We are trying to achieve a lot with garbage in our minds.

  • Katherine , Australia

    27.06.12, 10:54

    Doesn't make any sense.

  • Кэролайн, Сидней, Австралия

    27.06.12, 10:15

    We need to fight with drug traficking and not with dying addicts.

  • Joseph, USA, Toronto

    27.06.12, 03:25

    What is the reason for the low rate of heroin consumption in Australia?

  • Max, Russia, Vladivostok

    27.06.12, 01:32

    How do you deal with those who use hard drugs? Do you use some special methods in your country, or well known methods from the world practice?

  • Destini, London, UK

    26.06.12, 16:33

    Healing is possible, but if the patient himself wants to change his life. The most important task is to transfer the Spirit of Grace that can substitute drugs with many other pleasures.

  • Sam , United Kingdom, Preston

    26.06.12, 16:31

    If you legalize marijuana, there will be more heroin users. One day cannabis will just stop giving enough euphoria...and people will start looking for something stronger.

  • Ocean, USA, New York

    26.06.12, 16:22

    Only will and strong mind set can change a person. Sometimes religion helps as well. I personally know former addict, who got off heroin after converting to Islam. He was in pain, but he didn't give up - the main thing is to WANT to stop using go through withdrawal pains voluntarily.

  • Letty , France

    26.06.12, 16:19

    My aunt is a doctor and she once told me that doctors in clinics give addicts pills and they don't feel any withdrawal pains. She was indignant at this, because she believes that withdrawal pain memories will keep an addict away from the next dose in future.

  • Dr. Kurpatov, Russia

    26.06.12, 16:12

    In essence, this "kind of hidden" but quite opened advertisings of :alcoholism, drug addiction are very annoying. Yellow and red announcements. They cover everything:entrances, garbage cans, trees. Now the forum is being spammed.Explanation of this invasion of "healers" is simple. Amount of addicts is decreasing while the competition among "healers" is increasing.

  • Steve , Australia, Sydney

    26.06.12, 15:39

    How many campaigns of such kind were held - have they helped someone? I highly doubt it.

    All the drug addicts must be set in the reservations, from where they can get out only with feet-first. And then make them work, otherwise not give them a dose. Those who want to heal - must be healed and set free, the rest of them must choose: either to work for the dose, or to get a bullet in their forehead.

  • Tim, Australia, Armidal

    26.06.12, 15:30

    Heroin - is not an easy thing, there are psychological and physical dependence, and physical dependence is hard to overcome, when the drug becomes part of the circulation of the organism, in this case, treatment is needed. But there is a really important fact here, a DESIRE to escape, an understanding that you need to be treated. If there are no such things then all of the effords are useless.

  • Brooke Berds, Australia, Sydney

    26.06.12, 15:28

    It is necessary to tighten the laws and remove the minimum standards applying only administrative punishment for drug use and traficking.

  • Dave, USA

    26.06.12, 15:22

    It is necessary to officially legalize the sale of so-called hard drugs. All the drug traffickers from Afghanistan as well as sellers should be officially legalized. So that all citizens of all countries will have an equal choices! How do you like it? Buy and use it!

  • Michelle, USA

    26.06.12, 15:18

    When parents save them - it is a different thing. Or if the person wants it himself. I saw those who did not want. Who, spent their money for treatment, and right after 5 days were stoned again ...

    Leaving his family without anything at all and returning back to drugs, because it is hard to give up ... Why, then, to try such things at all?

  • Jack Bendigo, USA

    26.06.12, 15:16

    I don´t understand the desire to save drug addicts. I still remember the girl in withdrawal pains, when her mother was carrying her to the medical center in the train.

  • Nicole, Australia, Sydney

    26.06.12, 14:54

    Let's show pictures of accidents, fires, etc., everybody knows what this leads to. I'm sure that people don't get addicted accidentally, and, therefore only education can influence the situation, rather than propaganda. And, of course, police have to work against drug dealers and not cover this profitable business.

  • Tyra, Bathurst

    26.06.12, 14:50

    Give kids something to do, to work on, and they will not even have time to think of drugs.

  • David , China

    26.06.12, 14:44

    I think if the information will appear as negative, it will not be accepted, or maybe even vice versa, it will be something that many would like to try, to check out - whether it actually is as it was stated.

  • John, Canada

    26.06.12, 14:41

    Preventive measures are needed. They are absolutely necessary. And, most importantly, lots of pictures and videos with real images and stories should be shown. Those where hands and feet are rotting,where people turn into nothing. People should't even want to try drugs! That's what we need to fight for and not merely with smoking. And if this is a real initiative and not paid PR- then I would say that you are doing a great job.

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