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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

The supreme leader of Iran

In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful!
Praise to Allah! To the Lord of the worlds' inhabitants! We send our greetings and wishes of peace to our Lord, the Prophet, chosen Muhammad and his pure and holy family.

"One hour of meditation is better than a year of service" - this idea is part of thoughts, when any addresses the inner world, the soul and heart of a man, which reveals the truth and opens the door of wisdom to him. Thus, it is necessary to take advantage of it.

It is important to think about life, because it is a valuable asset of every person. All the benefits are achieved and acquired by life - even this rapidly running hours. This capital may serve as a prerequisite for eternal happiness and eternal paradise for all of us. It is necessary to think about creation more often. Pay attention to how our life proceeds. Feel the unsteadiness of time, inconstancy of days and nights. Notice how the time passes, "Life – is a snow and a summer sun." This capital is being reduced with every second, but it is all that we have in order to reach happiness beyond the grave. So how do we spend it? Where to spend and in what way?

Thoughts about death, transition from this world, the moment when our soul leaves the body and meets with the angel of death are inevitable for all of us: "Everyone will taste death ..." (Quran 3:185). All of us will experience it. What would be our condition at that moment? What state of mind we will have? All this requires deep thinking and reasoning.

Islam strictly forbids everything that harms the human body. The Quran says: "... Do not kill yourself. Truly, God is merciful to you!", "... And the actions of your hands must not lead you to perdition... "(Sura 2, 4, ayats, respectively, 29, 195).

Our problem is that we do not fight against depravation of young generation. So far, we have not succeeded in doing so. We need to properly raise the questions of ideological principles, as they related to Islam and to the society as a whole. As we have already said that our strengths increase our hope, they show us our capabilities and potential. As for the negative sides – they indicate the priorities and determine the things we should do.

O Allah! Save the youth, help us to save our children, give us strength to overcome their disbelief and get them to strive for a fair and proper life on earth.

O Allah! Spread your grace on us. Be happy with what we did, what we said, what we heard, take it all from us!

With deep respect for all people around the World,

Assalam Alaykum wa rakhmet Allah wa Barakahtu


  • Hidalgo, Spain

    26.06.12, 17:03

    The teacher told us that in the Afghan villages, everybody ( adults and children) smoke opium. And all of them are believers and religious people at the same time. How can you explain this?

  • Aslan, UAE

    26.06.12, 16:45

    A friend of mine stopped using heroin when he converted to Islam. He used ephedrine, gradually reducing the dose, and it worked out. But he did this, he wanted to do this, he found a way out in the religion and power and strength in himself not to give up.

  • Hassan, Turkey, Ankara

    26.06.12, 16:42

    We need to fight. And we should do this in all directions, but - exquisitely, knowing the field we will be working at( by developing individual approach to each person!)

  • Toichi Nehru, Japan, Osaka

    26.06.12, 14:22

    Save life capital, as you say in your manifesto is, of course, possible, but when you have your oil derricks, gold or other minerals, which give you enought money so that you can live in peace, philosophizing. But what about poor people from developing countries, where unemployment and hunger are very common! What about those who take a dose, not to see the horrors of the world? We must speak about this and speak seriously, Dear.

  • Evgeniy Shutov, Kyrgyzstan - Russia

    26.06.12, 14:17

    Islam is invading! I have nothing against other religions and denominations, but, unfortunately, often the preachers of Islam use quite harsh methods, as if they have a "job-price" work like at the factories. In most cases, the number of associates affect the quality of religious studies. The new co-religionists claim that they are devouted Muslims. But they do not know the essence of Islam. I think this is where the root of extremism around the world, including here in the CIS lies.

  • Marseille, France

    26.06.12, 14:08

    As I understand, to keep person away from drugs, something else needs to be offered to keep his mind busy. For example, religion. My friend is an addict, and it is painful for me to watch him die. I want to bring him to the mosque, but I fear that people there will understand me, and I am not sure whether they will help. I know that I will not be driven out, but to be honest, the fear is very strong.

  • Iskhan, Libya

    26.06.12, 12:44

    Islam - is a young religion and I think that it is a religion of future generations, because it is the most "soft" one and "demands" less then any other one. In the foreseeable future, when Islam becomes the dominant religion, religious leaders should certainly toughen drug abuse as much as they can. Only harsh penalties,can keep people away from drugs, even in their minds.

  • Muslim, New Zealand, Wellington

    26.06.12, 12:38

    Let us pray for the salvation of mankind from the expansion of drug addiction and diseases.

    I am a former drug addict and I know all about these horrors from the real life experience. Allah will protect you all.

  • Abdullah Amin, Qatar

    26.06.12, 12:25

    How serious is the current situation in Iran-US relations? Are there any premises that a large-scale war will be started? Allah, save us from this!

  • Jim Atkinson, California, Sacramento

    26.06.12, 12:22

    I think the invasion of US military forces to Eastern countries will contribute to taking control over the drug trafficking in this region. I do not want to offend anyone, but since they themselves can not cope with the situation, then they need our help!

  • Azat Murzoev, Russia, Krasnodar

    26.06.12, 12:01

    Dear Ayatollah Ali Khamenei! As a leader of the Muslim movement and as a man who more than anyone else can interpret Koran, can you tell me why, for example, in Afghanistan, my own Muslim brothers are involved in drug production? How can you profit from the death of others? Or death of the infidels, in this case, will be forgiven?

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