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A new look at combating drug addiction problem, and innovative prevention methods

Today, July 12th 2012, results and 10 winners of the contest for the best question which took place on the web portal of MayaPlanet project have been announced. World League “Mind Free of Drugs” congratulates winners and wishes them good luck in future!

Below is the list of 10 winners Facebook, Twitter and MayaPlanet webportal´s users have chosen.

Contest for the best anti-drug question:

10 best questions will be selected by open vote and directed to the recipients to whom they were addressed. Authors of the questions will receive valuable prizes

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Fayzulla Al Amine, Paris-Kabul, France .

The question is for Hugo Chavez

In your opinion, after the withdrawal of US military from Afganistan, will the level of opium growth be decreased or will it stay the same which is more than 15000 tons per annum?

People do realize that the war against illicit drug trafficking in Afganistan claimed by the US Government is a fiction. As a fact, they try to overtake and control the growth of opium for heroin production as well as for pharmacological and medical use in Europe and the United States. Can you comment in this regard?


Asi Yan, China.

The question is for Julia Gillard

According to futurists, drug addiction problem poses the greatest threat to our society today, and in the upcoming decades damage caused by this problem will exceed all the troubles that have ever occurred in the history of mankind. What can you say about this?


Victor, Ukraine, Poltava.

Question about substitution therapy using methadone.
The main goal of substitution therapy is not the withdrawal from drugs per se (because narcotization from methadone is still going on), but reduction of harm from "street drugs".

It turns out that though substitution therapy pharmaceutical companies bring over drug addicts from drug dealers to themselves, taking their(drug dealers´) work?

Charlize Theron

Suzanne Burnett, USA.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Many become addicted to drugs because they are using the highs as an escape or to numb themselves from the negative aspects in their life. Would it be possible to teach young school children how to find there own way to combat these negative feelings through meditation? Could meditation help with an addictive personality if practiced from an early age?

Brian Campbell, Richmond, VA.

The question is for Charlize Theron

Hollywood has portrayed drug and alcohol use in various ways over the years, sometimes in a postive light and other times with a more sobering view. In your opinion, what do you believe is Hollywood's responsibility to the viewer in terms of striking a good balance between "good times" and potential pitfalls when it comes to drug and alcohol use?

Alexandr Udovizkiy, Ukraine, Kremenchug.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Why some teenagers stop using drugs after their first try, but others conitnue abusing?

Yan, Russia, Dmitrov.

Will baning the sale of OTC drugs containing codein reduce the number of drug addicts in Russia?

Nill Hard, USA, New-York .

Mrs. Abama, your spouse Mr. Abama, in one of his interviews mentioned that he smoked marijuana back when he was in his younger age. Have you ever tried to smoke cannabis yourself? How would you comment on possible legalization of marihuana in the United States? Such initiative has already been put as an agenda of the day in Washington.

ArZuXaN, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Question for the Dalai Lama XIV, and Her Majesty Elizabeth II:

Do you support the statement of Mr. George Soros on the legalization of drugs, proposing to create a tightly controlled distribution network of all legally available drugs with the exception of the most dangerous ones, such as crack cocaine?

Quintin van Kerken, South Africa, Johannesburg.

The question is for Charlize Theron

It is clear that the so-called "war against drugs" is all but lost. If we were able to come up with working models, do you thing that legalising drugs is something that we should look at? There are benefits - tax income for the country, which can be funneled into health. We know that addiction is a health issue, should we not begin looking at legalisation of certain drugs and begin treating the issue as a health issue?

Anna, Russia, Tumen.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Should the treatment be compulsory or voluntary? What is more effective? What is the probability that the patient ever get rid of the addiction?

Alex Slatyuhin, Russia, st.Verda.


I consider cigarettes as drugs. They are sold on every street corner and are available to any student here in Russia. Well-known tobacco companies enriched themselves by ruining health of our loved ones. The young man who tried cigarettes, very often progresses to a more powerful drugs with irreversible consequences. Don´t you think that the important step in the fight against drugs will be closing all the tobacco factories?

P.S. Human beings are stupid spending a lot of money on cigarettes and then even more money on medications.

Elio Stark, Belgium.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Conceptually, substance abuse can be seen as a continuum, with individuals at one end being relatively "disease-free" but engaging in maladaptive behaviors over which they have some control.What do you think about this?

Настя Иванчук, Москва.

В Великобритании ежедневно изобретаются новые виды синтетических наркотиков. А затем, самые успешные получают мировое распространение. Вот Вы лично когда-нибудь инициировали борьбу с этой бедой?

Moe, Canada.

The question is for Julia Gillard

How do you help someone out that can’t tell they need help?

EL Fan de Futbol, Caracas.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Los gobiernos de algunos países venden drogas a sus ciudadanos. ¿Puede hacer algún comentario con respecto al tema?

U Vei, China.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

You know that drug use is a threat to society, legalizing drugs basically means giving this danger a free access to the society ?

Maxim Breslavskiy, Surgut.

What gaps in existing legislation should be closed in the fight against drug trafficking? In particular, the flow of opium from Afghanistan and synthetic epidemic in China.

Marie Christine, France, Rennes .

In case when an adult abusing drugs refuses to go through treatement procedure, what would you advice to the family members of this person to convince him ?

Anwar Tarawneh, Jordan.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Treatment of drug addiciton is necessary, but don´t you think that the right subsequent rehabiliation and prevention programs are more important than the treatment itself?

Лариса Царева, Россия, Краснодар.

Ежегодный общемировой оборот наркотиков по некоторым даннм близится к отметке в 1 трлн $! К какой части этой суммы так или иначе причастны власти США?

Satin Sergey, Russia, Ryazan.

The question is for Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The question may seem annoying, but it can happen on any given day to any of us.

God forbid, but if your loved becomes a drug addict, what would you do to save your loved one and whether this will affect your further actions in the fight against drug addiction in general?

If a person close to me starts using drugs, what should I do in the first place?

Kirill, Kazahstan, Almaty.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

My question is simple - why so many ordinary people are in favor of drug legalization? Aren't there so many other things in life to get busy with except drugs?

Victor, Ukraine, Poltava.

Drug trafficking, like any large and not a legitimate business needs constant money laundering. It is clear that dealing with this issue might lead to a lot of surprises because quite a large number of politicians might be involved in money laundering.

The question is in the essence of the phenomenon - instead of fighting corruption make it economically advantageous, both to politicians and drug traffickers themselves. Is this possible?

Rozhin Boris, Ukraine, Sevastopol.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

In 2001, according to UN data, the movement of "Taliban" dramatically reduced the amount of heroin production in Afghanistan. In 2000 it produced 3,300 tons of heroin, in 2001 - 185.

After the start of the NATO operation in Afghanistan, heroin production incrased with 8200 tons procuded in 2007. A number of U.S. officials made ​​statements that it is not possible to deal with the flow of drugs from Afghanistan , although the practice of "Taliban" in 2001 shows that it is indeed possible.

Do you think that Taliban´s practice in reducing acreage is effective?

Is it possible to return to this practice with the current government of Afghanistan or without major political change (eg, the emergence of a coalition with the "Taliban") to solve the problem?

Moon, China, Hong-Kong.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Can I ask a provocative question? According to most religions, the land, people, animals and plants were created by God. Most of the drugs are of vegetable origin. For what they were created by God?

Петр Диденко, Беларусь, Минск .

Какие меры по борьбе с наркотрафиком из Афганистана будут предприняты в рамках Таможенного Союза?

Kurt Cobain, KZ, Astana.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Why do so many influential people from around the world, whose the names and photos are posted on your site, can not stop the drug trade?

Why have so many countries legalized hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco? And the state gets the profit from this and doesn't do anything?

Why, after entry of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, heroin export level increased?

Сафин Равиль Фаритович, Россия, Самара.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Какие виды государственной поддержки наркобизнеса, косвенной или непосредственной, существуют в мире и как они складывались исторически?

Существует ли проблема с государственной поддержкой наркобинеса? Это проблема частного характера или государственной политики?

Maxim, Russia, Krasnodar.

Why the fact that alcohol is a potent drug is removed from the all-Union State Standard? Although in an earlier version, it was mentioned?

Do not you think that it would be appropriate to return the previous definition of "ethanol"? Can this be done?

Колобанов Никита, Россия, Москва.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Знаете ли вы, что многие люди, ищущие просветления и пытающиеся попасть в состояние нирваны, часто начинают употреблять наркотики, сначала легкие, а после уже и более тяжелые? Как с этим бороться?

Как вы посоветуйте этим людям ускорить процесс просветления без использования стимуляторов вроде наркотических веществ?

Михаил, Россия, Белгород.

The question is for Diego Armando Maradona

Как изменилось Ваше отношение к человеку употребляющему наркотики сейчас, по сравнению с тем, когда Вам было 20 лет?

Улитенко Евгений, Украина.город Запорожье.

The question is for His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV

Как внедрить в сознание какждого человека осознание того что наркотики это тупик в жизни,боль в первую очередь для себя и для окружающих и в конце концов смерть?Ведь если каждый будет это понимать то и спрос на наркотики изчезнет.

nehoroshii chelovek, Goa.

Возможен ли в России народный референдум по законодательству, регулирующему вопросы оборота наркотических веществ? Это могут быть такие вопросы, как уголовная или административная ответственность за упоребление, список разрешенных и запрещенных веществ и т.д.

Андрей, Украина, Ромны.

The question is for Julia Gillard

Вся мировая пропаганда, направленная на борьбу с наркотиками, построена на негативном контексте. Все лозунги и программы начинаются со слов: АНТИ …, НЕТ …, ПРОТИВ …, БОРЬБА … и демонстрируют негативные последствия приема тяжелых наркотиков.
А если построить информационную профилактику на положительной основе, показывая людям счастливые моменты в жизни здорового человека (радость молодой семьи с ребенком, активный образ жизни и тд.) с посылом, что все это у тебя могут отнять наркотики, заменив временной иллюзией?
На ваш взгляд, сможет ли такая тактика стать новым, действенным прорывом в мировой пропаганде, нацеленной на борьбу с тяжелыми наркотиками?

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