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  • 17.12.2012


    The transport was overloaded with bodies among which there was the body of Lyubov\'s son...

  • 14.12.2012

    Narcotic package from China to Russia

    An ordinary package with 2.5 ounce narcotic powder hidden in the hard disc of telephone...

  • 13.12.2012

    Cocaine stuffed breast implants

    20 year old Latin American girl tried to smuggle cocaine weighing 3 Lbs in her breast implants from Colombia to Spain...

  • 13.12.2012

    Dutch drug addicts to chase luxury cars

    Luxury vehicles are subject to pilferage. Only luxury class cars have xenon headlights. State of art lighting technology is used when cultivating heat-loving and capricious marijuana. ...

  • 13.12.2012

    Mexican DTOs shooting drugs to the US

    The US Customs Office detected 33 cans stuffed with marijuana weighing 84Lbs. Drugs came from Mexico where drug traffickers hurled drugs with the help of pneumatic cannon....

  • 11.12.2012

    UK Prime Minister vs. Marijuana Legalization

    The British Prime Minister spoke categorically on the subject of legalization of marijuana ...

  • 11.12.2012

    From IT to marijuana: ex-top manager of Microsoft to sell drugs

    Only the high quality sorts of marijuana and only for those who are good judges of it...

  • 10.12.2012

    A new Honorary Member of the World League from Tuva

    Doctor Life issued certificate of the Honorary Member of the World League ‘Mind free of drugs’ for the contribution to the fight with drug and alcohol addiction to The Head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Anatoli Damba-Huurak. ...

  • 10.12.2012

    Doctor Life to improve drug prevention in Tuva

    In order to get familiar with author’s method of Professor Nazaraliev in fight against drug and alcohol addiction, a group of doctors from the Republic of Tuva are expected to come to Bishkek. ...

  • 10.12.2012

    The longest drug caravan

    Iran police stopped drug caravan in the border with Pakistan. The drivers appeared to be drug smugglers and their camels were loaded with 11 metric tons of drugs. ...

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