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Sergey de Rocambole about art and drug abuse


March 21, 2012 on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul unique festival dedicated to  the Vernal (Spring) Equinox took place . Young people gathered on the shores of the mystical lake cloaked in legends to go through the "Classical right-twisted male maze." The purpose of this demonstration is to purify your own mind from all worldly concerns and to create harmony within yourself.  The maze itself represents sidereal system where stones symbolize planets, with the largest one in the center serving as the Sun. The person who passes the maze and reaches the “Sun”  has the right to ask for health and all the best for his loved ones.

Organizing Committee of the Transnational Anti-Drug online Project "Maya", assisted  famous artist from St. Petersburg, Sergey de Rocambole, in organizing the demonstration and placed its stone into the system.  World League "Mind out of Drugs", organizer of the “Maya” contest,  has always actively supported creative initiatives.  The fact, that creative people from all over the world support our ideas and cooperate with us in our projects , reflects their attitude towards drug addiction.

Sergey de Rocambole’s mother is a drug dependency treatment expert and therefore Sergey  is well aware of the dimensions  of drug abuse. He shared his thoughts about this issue with us.

- Sergey, what do you think are the premises of  the "drug explosion" which we observe in the world today?

-  Without developing any social bases, physical or ideological, young people escape the reality and head towards other doubtful realms by using drugs.  I would say that, in the beginning after using drugs the only thing that young people see is that “everything is all right, it is great!”.  Understanding that you cannot stay in a normal social environment anymore comes only later . That is, becoming a drug addict, equals to becoming a slave. Instead of choosing the freedom (the way to which can be found in your heart, like the way home) drug addicts search for the dose. And the worst thing is that they often lead their followers in the same direction. Drug abuse - is a very serious problem. Today, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and all Central Asian countries  are high intensity drug trafficking areas. During the anti-alcohol campaign I had a chance to witness the issue myself. My mother was a a drug dependency treatment expert  in the city.  Back then substance abuse have spread in a very short time. People started doing “those things with glue” ,  “spraying staff on beer”   and "cetane" appeared. One day a friend came from the village and told me  how drugs are sold in the local shop. His friend was able to buy a drug there as easily as he could have bought a cigarette.
Therefore I believe that this issue requires drastic and unequivocal  measures.

- Do you think that  it is possible to overcome drug addiction with the help of art?

On one hand, many artists don’t think of drugs seriously. They use drugs trying to expand consciousness, not realizing that they are puting themselves in chains that are difficult to get rid of.On the other hand, I have witnessed the process when the person revives though creative work. Desire to create  results in acquiring the meaning of life. Thus, creativity very often saves the person.
When I work on any art project, I always emphasize that it is not connected to politics in any way. Me and my friends think  that trough a non-profit projects, through the mainstream we can really do a lot  in solving  global problems such as drug addiction.

Sergey de Rocambole’s ideas and attitude to the drug abuse problem reflects the concept of the Transnational Anti-Drug Online Project "Maya". We believe that creativity and self-improvement is the right path to healing. Only though joint efforts and by bringing together all the spiritual resources that have been stored for centuries in different cultures, we will be able to get out of drug captivity. "Maya" project team  hopes that the cooperation with the artist, who unites creative people of different specialization, nationalities and religions,  will become new milestone in the development of our project. Drug addiction is a problem that can affect each one of us. Only global resistance can win this fight.



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