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Tuvan doctors told about their training at the Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev


 In late May, doctors from Tuva came to the Medical Center by Dr. Nazaraliev for passing the training program. Training will be held for three months, and upon its completion Tuvan experts will have to apply this knowledge to improve drug service of the Republic of Tuva. The agreement on this was signed by professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev and head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool in December 2012.

Anatoly Ak-Kys, 42. Anesthetist and resuscitator at the Republican Hospital of Tuva. He studied at the Altai State Medical University. Work experience is of 16 years.

When I was going to Kyrgyzstan, I had no idea about this country. I knew only that most of the population is Muslim, and feared because of it – it is another culture at least. After all, almost all Tuva population is Christians or Buddhists. And in the end I saw a very friendly and hospitable people. In the stores you come, they say something in Kyrgyz, but when they see that you do not understand - just switch to Russian. All are polite. I have not seen any drunks the streets. We have this phenomenon widespread.

In the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev I was impressed by quite different attitude to the patients, incomparable with what I have always seen in public institutions. Everyone in the clinic talking on equal: doctors, patients, drivers, nurses. Shaking hands, chatting in a friendly way. The situation in the clinic is always calm. During the withdrawals of drug addicts they are often violent, but here the doctors quickly eliminate them from this stage. The used method can significantly speed up the process and help patients go through the withdrawal as easier as possible. Generally, practices are very different from the commonly practiced.

And the clinic is very tasty food. About Nazaraliev I've heard a lot on TV and read on the internet, and I was glad to meet him personally. Communicate with him is very easily - talk as if we have long been familiar. Now I read his book "Fatal Red Poppies" to better understand the methods of working. It is written very clearly, in plain language, it is interesting.

I've read that some of the techniques used Nazaraliev were used in the 1930s, but were later forgotten, despite the fact that it is one of the safest methods of addiction treatment are less likely complications and no deaths reported.

Juliana Biche-oon, 34. Narcologist at the National Drug Dependency Clinic of Tuva. She studied at the Altai State Medical University. Work experience is of 11 years.

Despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan for us is abroad, I do not feel far from home. The atmosphere at the Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev is very friendly, people are hospitable. All communicate like old friends.

About the Medical Center of Nazaraliev I have known for a long time. Throughout the time that I was working in the health sector, I have often heard of him. Our specialty implies that we must constantly draw new information on our specialization: in literature, from friends, training courses. During my internship supervisor told about the method of Nazaraliev, which is still officially is not used in Russia.

I was going to Kyrgyzstan with a great interest. Because I had to learn something new, to explore an entirely new method of treatment for me. Already, I see a very different emphasizes when working with patients, doctors pay attention to a completely different thing than it used to be done by us. I will have  to understand all these nuances and try to adapt them to the specific character of our region.

The clinic has really surprised me by the number of patients and physicians. In my hospital in Kyzyl normally one psychiatrist works with 30 alcohol addicts and 15 drug addicts, but here almost every patient has individual physician who supervises him. I have never faced it before.

On Saturday, I have met Professor Nazaraliev. Very interesting man, with a quick response to everything, positive.  Such a power comes from him, being next to him, inadvertently setting yourself up for everything positive.

Shenne Sayaty, 21. Psychologist at the National Drug Dependency Clinic  of Tuva. She graduated from the Tuvan State University. The first year of practice.

When we passed the casting for training at the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev for my position there were 7-8 psychologists, and I attended very first. Jenishbek Bolsunbekovich said then that I was bright, asked me if I had leadership qualities. I was not afraid to say yes, I do. Perhaps that is why I have been chosen - for self-confidence.

Before, I have been in China, many times been in Mongolia, and have never seen such hospitable people. I thought that we will be treated as outsiders to some extent, and saw a very friendly attitude of the staff. In general, this goodwill is evident even in terms of work organization. For example, I was very surprised that the staffroom is visited by nurses, ordinary staff. In Kyzyl  only doctors have an access to the staffroom, others - only with permission. I was surprised, asked: " They can come here?".

Trainings started very interesting. We met with the doctors, they immediately began to introduce us into the swing of things, especially to explain the used methodic. Today I made up a list of questions that they ask patients during the admission for treatment. I was listening to how they conduct consultations, diagnosis, and realized that at Kyzyl in the rehabilitation department at diagnosing patients, we use a lot of unnecessary procedures that for recovery and adopting in society of addicted patients do not represent the values. Doctors of Medical Center intentionally use one technique, deep into the heart of the problem for future patient care.

After seeing just one day on the job doctors here, I realized that I still have to learn and learn to catch up with them. I just graduated from university last year, I have worked for only six months.

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