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Article by Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev "Eurasian protective umbrella in Central Asia" the international community has met with a lively discussion


 Article by Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev "Eurasian protective umbrella in Central Asia", the international community has met with a lively discussion. Please find below the most interesting comment of French Depositaire’s reader, which offers not to find a way out of the situation, following the economic model of the West, but to find own model of sustainable development:

"As always, the only solution that is available for the fight against drug trafficking and religious extremism is an economic development model according to the Western market economy, which is incorrect and absurd, including the fight against drugs and prevention.

But this is not the point. We will not even touch it. It will be enough to say that those campaigns will not have much success.

The first thing that you need to pay attention to why drugs are so expanded? If there is no demand, as a result supply disappears. This is elementary. But, obviously, any research was not carried out to determine the cause of drug use. The reason is simple. The reason lies in the inner world of man, and the answer lies in spirituality. Society refused, rejected spiritual values, and furthermore, they are not the prerogative of the states, and even if it could help, the problem will only get worse.

Another problem relates the economy to that extent to which people are fighting for survival, and in this case it is clear that extremism will flourish on people’s discontent.

And here a policy can act. But it should not propose the development of a Western pattern that favors the rich and super rich class of the population, leaving only the crumbs for people. It is needed a real social revolution that will lead to different from the Western model of society. Because the western model does not work.

But there (in Central Asia), as everywhere, there is always a class of parasites, the plutocrats who are just thinking about how to enrich themselves at the expense of the people. Only steadyand bold policy may intervene. But will it give an effect? That is very doubtful in light of ongoing events and policies.

The last element that links the spiritual with the mundane, is the rise of religious fundamentalism. In the time flat, we know that these fundamentalist movements are funded and organized by the Persian Gulf oil magnates. Basically, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In a spiritual sense, they have a desire to impose the pseudo-heretical doctrines of Wahhabits / Salafists in the region.

The solution to these two problems is simple in theory: to track down the sources of funding for these groups and weapons in order to destroy them, and in parallel the representatives of true Islam to appear and do everything in terms of education and sources of information to prove that this religion really is far from absurd concepts of Wahhabis.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But at the moment there is no need to move in that direction and spend time for useless and harmful things as the market economy and its absurd dogma of unlimited growth. "

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