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16 & Addicted.

16 & Addicted.

Author:   tragedyhappens

Country:   United States

Date of addition: 19.07.2012

I am almost 17 years old && sadly i became addicted to drugs n alcohol at a young age. I was 11 when i tried my first drug.. (morphine and oxicotton) It was amazing.. I felt an almost instant high.. from then on i was juss doin those two. then after awhile i got started on vicoden and xanex.. which to me seemed like no big deal.. then by the time i was sixteen i had tried those four along with acid, heroine, and shrooms. The two things i hadnt yet tried were pot, ecstacy, and cocaine.. still to this day i have not tried cocaine and i am pretty positive that i wont.. at almost 17 years of age my drug of choice is Ecstacy and i want to quit but since the night i started.. (the night i was raped (time 3)) i havent been able to stop.. its the ultimate pain medicine.. that and alcohol help keep me numb and weed keeps me focused in school.. what am i supposed to do.. i havent done ecstacy in almost a month and havent smoked weed in almost a week && i havent drank in almost 5 days.. :/ its hard

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