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A Maldives jail

A Maldives jail

Author:   Anonymous

Country:   Мальдивы

Date of addition: 21.05.2012

Dear Friends,

I am a 25 year old drug addict. I have been in an out of jail since I was 18 years old for drugs offences, for violence and I am currently serving a life sentence in jail for drug trafficking. While you guys go out and enjoy life, study, get married one day, have kids, my life would be spent in a cell counting the days till I die.

I am not writing this to get your sympathy. I am writing this to tell you why I have decided to vote for the National Government of Unity.
Why I would be voting for Anni although I do not have any hopes of getting out of here. Why I would be voting for Anni although personally I can't stand the guy. Why I would be voting for him although for many of us he does not look like a President.

The reason why I am supporting the National Government of Unity is that for the last 30 years Maumoon's government has allowed the drug trade to expand in our country. People talk about Yameen and his gangs controlling the drug trade. It is true. Believe me, I was one of them. The reason I have not been given a presidential pardon is that I had a personal fight with the son of one of Yameen's closest friends. All my friends are free out there pushing drugs, carrying weapons, fighting and creating chaos. With Yaameen as their protector they will NEVER STOP IT.

My friends, I beg you. Think properly. Think of people like me. I was once like you. I was a good student. I got commended reports. But I
was stupid to try drugs when a friend offered. OK, I messed up big time. My fault. But you can stop the youth of this country from going down the same road. You can stop Yameen and my addicted friends from ruining this country even further. You have the power to stop it. You have a chance to clean up this country.

Please think before you caste your vote. You do not have to like Anni personally. It will not be Anni I am voting for. It will be for a national government of unity. It will be for the youth of this country. It will be for the mothers and fathers of this country whose sons could turn out like me.

I am sorry I messed up. Please do not mess up your lives and the lives of other youth. You have the chance. Vote for the national government of Unity. Please do not vote for Yameen to continue his drug trade.

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