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The fate of Lyudmila and her son Edik:

Lyudmila Prokaeva is 56 years old.She has been injecting drug user for 30 years. Lyudmila found that she has AIDs, when she decided to let go of her past and entered a methadone program. With the disease reaching its terminal stage, in a last attempt to correct past mistakes, Lyudmila opened this blog to publicly tell what she has passed through and warn others from repeating her mistakes.

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  • 25.01.2013     10:05     Блог ведется X дней     Ludmila

    I am still here

    People often ask me what kind of morals in the women's prison, and how women live there. In the men's lock-downs everything is simple and clear: there are some unspoken laws that everyone follows. Otherwise they will not survive.

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  • 06.12.2012     15:23     Day 86     Ludmila

    Short views of Health Ministry

    You can’t write with the same temper always. At times words come out on their own, no need to push, and today I can’t invent the point of my writing. And again the state of mind and body is strongly connected.

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  • 30.11.2012     14:13     Day 80     Ludmila


    Tomorrow it will be the World Aids Day. I used to work at the report about stigma and discrimination and remembered how bad I felt because of it. I clearly understand my son being ashamed to tell anyone about my disease. The society will come to the understanding that AIDS is only a scaring fairy tale, created by those who earn money on it with a permanent support of the mass media.

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  • 26.11.2012     10:04     Day 76     Ludmila

    Hit the Mud

    There was one drug addict Isa, who used to live in our district. He was a neat Caucasian guy, who was never in need of something. His father was very rich. During the Soviet Union time his profit was around half million of rubles. That time it was a fabulous amount of money.

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  • 23.11.2012     12:01     Day 73     Ludmila

    Sveta and ephedrine

    I have seen a lot of people in my life. Many of them didn't leave any track, but I remember some fates. Recently, I remembered about one woman. Her name was Sveta and she was a striking example of a drug addict, who would sell her own mother and kids for the dose.

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Questions and answers:

  • Angie   06.11.12, 08:50
    Lyudmila, as far as I know there are crisis centers even in your city. There are several, such as Chance, Sezim etc. Why don't you turn to them for psychological support and help to your son? These...
    Lyudmila   10.11.12, 18:29

    “Sezim” helps only women, whereas “Chance” works only with drug addicts. Moreover, I know very well many psychologists, working in these organizations and I don’t really think that someone could provide the proper psychological support for Eddie.

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  • Deutsch 27.12.12, 16:55      Sveta and ephedrine
    Kirghizia was among the top leading countries that cultivated horsetail ephedra. And derivatives of these wild horsetail ephedra along with other chemical were used to produce ephedron and ephedrine,...
  • Sarah AJ 04.12.12, 08:54      Stigma
    Ohh come on! Do you seriously think that other people can be dangerous for you?? It doesn't make a sense! At all..